‘Independence of Mongolia and Bogd Khan’ event takes place

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On the occasion of the 106th anniversary of Restoring of the National Freedom and Independence of Mongolia, the National Library organized a meeting and opened several exhibitions with theme “Independence of Mongolian and Bogd Khan” on December 28.
PhD. O.Batsaikhan, the State Prize holder and scientist of the International Institute at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, gave a lecture ‘Independence of Mongolia and Bogd Khan’ to students and pupils.
In his speech, he underlined that it is time for Mongolians to highly value their freedom and independence. “Mongolia declared its independence from Manchu Qing Dynasty to the World. In connection, grand ceremony to enthrone the eighth Bogd Javzandamba Khutagtu as a ruler of Mongolia took place in the Ikh Khuree on December 29, 1911. Mongolians succeeded to restore the national independence and the statehood thanks to precise and a futuristic vision of Bogd Javzandamba Khutagtu” highlighted Mr.O.Batsaikhan.
In the scope of the event, book exhibition “National Freedom and Independence”, containing works by PhD.Batsaikhan opened on the third floor while handwritten books exhibition titled “Mongolian Independence and Bogd Khan’ and ’‘The Secret History of Mongols’ are being displayed at the Valuable and Rare Book section at the National Library.