Ministry of Development Planning Releases 24th Issue of "Window on Economic Statistics of Qatar."

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Doha, August 08 (QNA) - The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) released Wednesday the 24th quarterly issue of stats in the country, titled "Window on Economic Statistics of Qatar."
The reference quarter of this issue is the first quarter of 2018(Q1, 2018). All the latest available macro-economic indicators, relating to National Accounts, Prices, Public Finance, and the Balance of Payments have been assembled in a single report. It is meant to help diverse users; in particular, policy and decision makers understand various economic trends taking place in the country's economy.
Part 1 of the report provides a comparison between the economic performance of Qatar with other economies and regions. It focuses on three indicators in particular. The first is economic growth measured in real GDP, the second is the inflation rate on an annual basis, and the third is the current account Balance as percentage of GDP, as well as data series (quarterly and annual) on some thirty economic indicators.
Part 2 is an analysis of the quarterly performance of indicators such as the GDP, CPI, PPI, Exports and Imports and compares that performance in the first quarter of 2018 with that of the corresponding period of 2017.
The third part is an article titled "Performance of Manufacturing Sector in Qatar, 2013-2017". The article discusses the performance of Manufacturing Sector in the State of Qatar during the period 2013-2017 in terms of its importance, its contribution to GDP, and recruitment of the workforce. The article also tackles the methodology and procedures of collecting and compiling data as well as a brief analysis through following up the developments in the value added generated, its growth rates and the affecting factors behind. (QNA)