Qatar Announces 10,000 Jobs and $ 500 Million Investment Package in Support of Jordan

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Doha, June 13 (QNA) - The State of Qatar announced today that it will provide 10,000 jobs for Jordanian youth to help them achieve their aspirations and contribute to the economy of their country. It also announced a $ 500 million investment package targeting Jordan's infrastructure and tourism projects.
In a statement today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the move comes "in light of the difficult economic circumstances and challenges experienced by the sisterly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
"The State of Qatar is focusing its support on" projects of a sustainable nature to create a foundation on which the Jordanian economy has been based for years, and focuses on supporting young people who are the hope of the future and the driving force of production, as demonstrated by the experiences of a number of emerging economies. ", the statement said.
It noted that "the creation of employment opportunities for Jordanian youth and the implementation of the projects that the State of Qatar intends to implement in Jordan through the establishment of an investment fund for infrastructure and tourism projects and to create a movement for investment and investment opportunities both directly and indirectly during the period of implementation of these projects or after entering the stage of service delivery or production.
The State of Qatar, in its support and standing alongside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, government and people, stressed the strong historical and fraternal relations with brotherly Jordan and its well-established principles and genuine Arab values, the statement underlined.
The statement reiterated the commitment of the State of Qatar and its fulfillment of its national and Islamic duty towards the brotherly Arab countries and their peoples.
The statement praised "a number of Jordanian stances towards a number of national issues, including the Palestinian cause, as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan being a strategic, historical and popular depth, especially in the preservation of Islamic and Arab rights in the Holy City of Jerusalem, which fall under the Hashemite Custody and the support of the State of Qatar to Jordan at this time is a support for this firm stand and steadfastness.
The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed Qatar's confidence in the ability of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its brotherly people to overcome this stage, "which will only increase their cohesion and determination to build their homeland beyond the challenges of the present." (QNA)