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Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The ‘Dodging Drops’ exhibition by D.Ochir and N.Otgonbat opened at the Norphei Art Gallery on June 12.
‘Dodging Drops’ exhibition is accomplished by N.Otgonbat’s bright colored paintings similar to pop art with brief illustrations and flowing fluids, and mysterious sculptures consisting of organic formed droplets by D.Ochir.
N.Otgonbat’s works are hypnotic, full of color and consist of droplets and flows. The artist’s expression of human behaviour is depicted on the paintings. On the one hand he uses subtle, minimalistic illustrations of mythical creatures or delicate moves of woman, and on the other hand horses and Kurgan stelaes, creating a unique partition and contrast to express the concept.
Some of D.Ochir’s sculptures seem almost childish, but they are interesting in the way of depicting the simple but important things that we often forget about or behaviour and appearances of people around us.