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Beijing /MONTSAME/ L.Bayarjavkhlan, a Mongolian student who is studying in Peking University to get master's degree in art study, was selected one of the five best singers at the PKU’s ‘Top Singers Competition’.
More than 500 students competed at the 32th competition and its final selection took place yesterday, May 22 in front of an audience of over 8000.
Mongolian student L.Bayarjavkhlan sang a long song ‘Mirage of Faraway Land’ (Alsiin Gazriin Zereglee) in the first stage, a folksong ‘Khun Galuu’ in the second stage, ‘Night of Ulaanbaatar’ and a long song ‘Uykhan Zambuu Tiviin Naran’ in the third stage, promoting Mongolian folk art.
"We are cultural inheritors who have to spread and pass down it to younger generation. When I was singing I felt how great our Mongolian folk and long songs and how elegant our national costume. Although people do not understand the meaning of the songs, it made them feel excited with its great melody, capturing their attention. I determined to participate in song competitions in China further and to work actively in development of cultural relationships between Mongolia and China," L.Bayarjavkhlan said.
She graduated from the Music and Dance College of Mongolia in 2015 under instruction of Mongolian People’s Artist Sh.Chimedtseye and also selected one of the 10 singers among foreign students studying in Peking University in 2017.