8.5 million baht contraband cigarettes seized in Songkhla

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SONGKLA, June 11 (TNA) -- Soldiers from the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Region 4 along with the officials from Songkhla Provincial Excise Office 9 and Regional Customs Bureau 4 raided and seized a major cache of contraband cigarettes at a warehouse in Ban Phru sub-district in Had Yai district in Songkhla province yesterday evening.

The team made the biggest seizure of the month of 337 crates and another 12 bags of contraband cigarettes which amount to 9,575 cartons in total. The cigarettes are estimated to be worth around 3.5 million baht and correspondingly can be fined up to 35 million baht.

The team raided a house located in Soi Thep Pracha Tai on Rasadorn Samakhi road in Had Yai that was suspected of being used as a warehouse to store the cigarettes smuggled across Thailand's southern border.

In all, 11 brands of cigarettes were seized and are in high demand among smokers due to the low 20 baht per packet price.

The raid was the result of a report that cigarettes were being smuggled in from Malaysia and brought to the house for storage before being distributed in Had Yai and nearby provinces. (TNA)