Al-Raya: Arbitrary Measures Against Qatar's Citizen and Resident Constitute Crimes Against Humanity

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Doha, August 08 (QNA) - Qatari daily Al-Raya affirmed in its editorial Wednesday that the unjust siege imposed on the State of Qatar since June 5 of last year harmed the Qatari citizens and residents.
The newspaper said that the arbitrary measures taken by the siege countries against Qatar's citizens and residents are crimes against humanity and infringement of property of Qataris and residents of Qatar within the siege countries.
The paper said that the siege countries deprived thousands of affected Qataris and residents of litigation against the siege countries' violation of their various rights, as well as their right to compensation for the material losses and psychological and moral damage caused by the siege.
Al-Raya referred to the 13th annual report of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) that includes serious violations of the rights of Qatar's citizens and residents to file lawsuits in the siege countries' courts, specifically in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
Since the first hours of the unjust siege on Qatar, the siege countries have illegally forced Qataris living there and those who have investments to leave and deprived Qatari students of their right to continue their education at universities, the paper said.
In addition, the siege countries prevented Qataris from entering their lands and also forced their own citizens to return within 14 days, otherwise they were subjected to arbitrary punishment, the paper said, adding that all those forced to return were affected in various ways.
In conclusion, Al-Raya said that the deprivation of Qatari citizens and residents to file lawsuits in the siege countries' courts is a new proof of the fall of these countries into the quagmire of repression and arbitrariness. (QNA)