Al-Raya: Saudi Arabia Still Hindering Hajj for Qatari Pilgrims

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Doha, August 12 (QNA) - Qatari newspaper Al-Raya said Sunday that Saudi Arabia is still obstructing Qatari pilgrims from performing Hajj, imposing on the State of Qatar impossible conditions that affect sovereignty and do not ensure the safety of Qatari pilgrims.
Till now, the Saudi authorities are refusing the sending of the Qatari Hajj mission in order to take care of the affairs of the Qatari pilgrims and provide them with the necessary services, and the State of Qatar is concerned about the safety of its pilgrims, especially after the ongoing campaigns of incitement against the Qatari government and the people of Qatar, Al-Raya noted, wondering how could Qatar meet the Saudi unfair and illegal conditions while the Saudi authorities still evading guarantees and pledges to ensure the lives and safety of Qatari pilgrims
Al-Raya said that the International Commission to Watch Saudi Administration of Muslim places "Al Haramain Watch" has exposed the practices of Saudi Arabia and affirmed that the State of Qatar is subjected to violations under the pretext of Hajj as Saudi Arabia prevents the pilgrimage of Qataris through measures that threaten their safety, and that Saudi Arabia is using the Hajj pilgrimage to punish countries and peoples, and its is politicizing Hajj and using it as a mean of pressure and blackmail.
The State of Qatar has the right to sponsor the affairs of its pilgrims without being dictated. It is an inherent right, not a grant or a gift from any party. Qatar was prevented from sending a pilgrimage mission to accompany the pilgrims, which constitute a crime that cannot be ignored and comes within the racist measures against the State of Qatar by Saudi Arabia. It is a black spot tarnishing the history of Saudi Arabia and an international scandal that reveals the continuing violations of Saudi Arabia against human rights and worship, Al-Raya concluded. (QNA)