Al-Sharq, Al-Watan: Ramadan an Occasion for Unity to Face Challenges

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Doha, May 17 (QNA) - Al-Sharq and Al-Watan Qatari newspapers affirmed that the holy month of Ramadan is a month of blessing for the Islamic and Arab nations and renews every year to fill the souls again with great faith.
The blessed month of Ramadan, the papers said, is an occasion that calls for the unity of the Arab and Islamic ranks to confront various challenges.
The two newspapers pointed out that the holy fasting month marred this year by increasing tyranny and many challenges and crises surround Muslims from each side, referring to the siege imposed on the State of Qatar and the brutal massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the unarmed Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, as well as the conflicts and wars raging in Syria, Yemen and Libya.
For its part, Al-Sharq newspaper said that the holy month of Ramadan comes this year at a time when the nation is living a bitter reality, as its territories are violated and its states are more divided than ever before, while some of its leaders are racing to surrender and seek victory from enemies.
The newspaper expressed optimism that the leaders of the nation, who are preparing to participate in the Islamic summit in Istanbul on Friday, will come out with harmless and peaceful resolutions for the Arab and Islamic peoples, express their aspirations in facing the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, heal divisions and consolidate unity.
In conclusion, Al-Sharq referred to HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani's prayer to God for good, blessing, stability and prosperity for our countries and peoples.
For its part, Al-Watan daily affirmed that the leaders of our nation and its scholars should remind people of the importance of unity and to return to the true values of the religion in light of the great developments that are happening in the Muslim world today.
The holy fasting month marred this year by increasing tyranny, the Qatari daily referring to the conspiracies on Al-Quds Al-Sharif.
The paper said that the holy month of Ramadan presents the Islamic and Arab nations with an occasion which is renewed every year with good and blessings to fill the souls again with great faiths, adding that the occasion of Ramadan makes us considering rich in our religion of divine teachings that call for doing good deeds, avoiding evils, supporting the oppressed, promoting virtue and preventing vice.
The daily noted the unprecedented massacres committed on the land of Gaza, which suffers from an unjust siege for many years, pointing out that the international community does not shoulder its responsibilities to redress injustices imposed on the Palestinians and fulfil the right by applying the resolutions of the international legitimacy institutions that support the legitimate rights of Palestinian people.
In conclusion, Al-Watan renewed the sincere call for a strong and firm unity in the Arab and Muslim world to restore matters to normal and to stop the Israeli thuggery at a time conspiracies continues on the Cause of Palestine. (QNA)