Al-Sharq: Qatar Consistently Calls for Addressing Causes of Extremist Ideology

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Doha, May 25 (QNA) - In an editorial today, Al-Sharq said that the State of Qatar has consistently called, in all international forums, for addressing the causes that give rise to the spread of extremist ideology.
It said that the explosion that targeted a public park in the Shula district in north Baghdad is a crime condemned strongly by the State of Qatar out of its firm stance in rejecting violence and terrorism regardless of the motives and causes.
Terrorism continues to target innocent civilians even in public parks and during the holy month of Ramadan as terrorism and hatred targeted innocent people in a public park in the Shula area of Baghdad, it said
The daily added what is regrettable is the continuation of this violence, which claims the lives in a brotherly Arab country and the consequent losses and disruption of the development path which the Iraqi government is keen on to promote its people and its great capabilities.
Al-Sharq said that time has come for those behind these bombings to realize that they will not be able to achieve their goals by destroying communities or intimidating people, and that states realize that their responsibilities are to counter this deviant ideology that produces human bombs that are used by them to destabilize our Arab homeland. (QNA)