Al-Watan: Qatar Fully Capable of Restoring Our Basic Rights

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Doha, June 13 (QNA) - Qatari newspaper Al-Watan highlighted Qatar's keenness to preserve full rights and the relentless pursuit of accountability for violators of those rights, including the basic rights violated by the siege countries.
Al-Watan affirmed that the State of Qatar is fully capable of restoring its rights by adopting legal means against the siege countries' manipulation of human rights, Muslims rights to perform religious rituals and their attempts to tear down the unified Gulf fabric.
The paper noted that Qatar's legal proceedings at the International Court of Justice on the violations of the siege countries, mainly the UAE, are only the beginning, and sends a clear message to Qatar's citizens and residents that their basic rights will be maintained and preserved.
Qatar's response to the violations of the siege countries in accordance with the international legal means and away from the childish tendencies used by the siege countries confirm that Qatar adds everyday a new pressure on the siege countries, Al-Watan concluded. (QNA)