Bangkok decorated with flowers ahead of national Mother’s Day

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BANGKOK, Aug 9 (TNA) – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) decorated the Royal Plaza and Ratchadamnoen Avenue and nearby areas with beautiful flowers including blue ones to celebrate the birthday of HM Queen Sirikit which is also the national Mother’s Day.

Inspecting the decoration, Bangkok deputy governor Jakkapan Phiewngam said the BMA improved the landscape of the Rattanakosin Island on the occasion of the Aug 12 birthday anniversary of HM Queen Sirikit of King Rama IX.

According to him, officials placed 180,000 pots of yellow zinnias and marigolds, 23,000 pots of pink zinnias, 18,000 pots of mixed zinnias, 23,500 pots of Siam tulips, 50,000 pots of yellow celosias, 14,200 pots of various orchids, and 40,000 pots of foliage plants. A total of 476,500 pots of plants were used for the decoration of the Royal Plaza, the vicinity of the Chitralada Royal Villa, Ratchadamnoen Avenue and Sanam Luang ground.

Besides, 60,000 pots of plants with blue flowers were added as the blue color was the birthday color of HM the Queen. They include orchids, Phayab Mok or Plumbago auriculata, hydrangea, salvia and zinnias. Besides, blue water was given to the plants so that their stems and petals show blue shades.

The private sector also takes part in the celebration by decorating the Mahakan Fort and the Phan Fa Lilat Bridge and setting up decorative arches around the Chitralada Royal Villa. Besides, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority installed illuminations at the Royal Plaza, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, the Mahakan Fort and Sanam Luang. (TNA)