Boy’s mother praises coach for helping her child survive

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CHIANG RAI, July 13 (TNA) – Mother of the 11-year-old boy Titan, the youngest footballers in Wild Boars Acadamy trapped in the cave, praised the coach for helping her child and other 11 boys survive.

I-karn Wiboonrungrueng, 33 years old mother of Chanin Wiboonrungrueng or Titan said she talked to her child behind the window glass at hospital as the boys are now put under quarantine.

She said her child looked cheerful. He told her when they went into the cave, it rained and the torrent flooded the cave complex swiftly.

The coach told everyone to dig the soil and make a flood wall but the barrier failed to stop the water inflow, so they moved deeper into the cave to escape the flood.

The boy said he drank water, dripping from the rock. The coach huddled him to keep him warm and told everyone to meditate to conserve energy.

After they are released from hospital, parents of the boys plan to have them ordain as novice monks for at least nine days to make merit after surviving the ordeal. (TNA)