Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs Gains Momentum in DPRK

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Pyongyang, May 17 (KCNA) -- A mass campaign is being carried out in different parts of the DPRK to plant medicinal trees and herbs and manure them with months for herb cultivation as an occasion.
Provinces, cities and counties of the country completed designs for the areas suited to creating several hundreds more hectares of herb gardens, while setting major herb-growing districts as medicinal herb reserves.
Working people and residents in relevant areas are encouraged to plant medicinal trees and herbs not only in mountains but in parks, pleasure grounds, streets, villages and campuses.
Herb cultivation is also supported by such advanced sci-tech methods as introduction of high-yielding species of medicinal herbs and botanical chemicals.
According to data available, over 8 hundred thousands medicinal trees have been planted in over 900 hectares of land.
The DPRK set months in spring and autumn as the periods for herb cultivation to plant many medicinal trees and herbs through mass campaign. -0-