DICID Condemns The Cold Blooded Killing of Palestinians in The Great Return March

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Doha,May 15 (QNA) -The Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID) condemned the Israeli aggression against Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip in the Great Return March, and the siege on the West Bank on Monday and in various parts of the West Bank.
In a statement, the Center condemned moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, which enshrines the American recognition of the Holy City as the capital of Israel, in flagrant violation of international law. DICID warned that this would undermine future opportunities for any peaceful settlement.
The center warned that Israel's blind circle of violence, with the American support and the disregard for Palestinian rights guaranteed by all international laws, as well as human values, will inevitably lead to an uncertain future, full of blood and destruction.
DICID said that confronting a group of peaceful demonstrators, who only have their throats and their hearts full of love of the homeland and of humanity, with a torrent of live bullets and excessive violence is a crime against humanity and a deliberate killing in cold blood.
The Center called on religious scholars across the world, from all religions and sects, to stand united and to declare a clear humanitarian position in the face of an occupation that violates all religious and human values and customs, all this should be devoted to urgent appeals to the actors in international politics and to sending them in one language, in appreciation of the value of justice , in the face of injustice , which began 70 years ago with the Palestinian Nakba.(QNA)