Effective Potassic Bacillus Fertilizer Developed

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Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- The agricultural sector of the DPRK pays big efforts to increasing the crop yield and fertility of soil with different microbial fertilizers.
As part of the efforts, the Microbiological Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences developed highly effective potassic bacillus fertilizer "Toksan".
It has the effects of strengthening the absorptive power of crops and promoting their growth by activating potassium, silicon, phosphorus and other nutrient elements in soil.
It also helps raising the resistance of crops to damage caused by blight, cold and damp and represses their bacterial infection.
It is of big economic value for being applicable to grain crops and vegetables as well as fruit trees.
According to scientists, the effectiveness of 10 kg of potassic bacillus fertilizer is equivalent to that of 150-200 kg of lime potash fertilizer.
It has been introduced by rural communities of Pyongyang City, South Phyongan Province, South Hamgyong Province and other areas, bringing about an increase of 10-20 percent in grain yield and over 40 percent in vegetable production. -0-