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Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The website has been launched a week ago. First visitors were from the USA, Ireland, India, Australia and South Korea. The website contains a book volume mathematical texts on the discovery of the so called super unification theory of quantum fields and fundamental interactions. In this regard the website is addressed, first of all, to the professional physicists and mathematicians worldwide, said the author Besud Ch. Erdeni.
However, he said, the mathematical method of the final theory of natural sciences proves to be simple and transparent contrary to what was expected in theoretical sciences. Due to such a most favorable reason, the superunification theory is mathematically accessible to anyone with complete 12-year secondary education. If in the common language, the website offers the Final theory of Everything. The theory consists of numeric calculations alone. Therefore, it will suffice to any user of the website to have a portable scientific electronic calculator and check all the formulae and equations on his/her own.
Besud Ch. Erdeni recommends to remember Stephen Hawking’s words that “The ultimate goal of ours is a complete theory of the Universe.” When asked what is then the Universe according to the final theory, he stated: The physical Universe we observe is the mathematical machine of universal harmony. The Universe looks hardware, but it is software. This system is absolute and it enables us to explain and compute everything, including the organic life existence on the planet Earth as well as the human gene-chromosome structure.
On MONTSAME’s request to explain the key concepts of his discovery Besud Ch. Erdeni said: Theoretical physics was founded by Isaac Newton in 1687. Karl Gauss unified arithmetic, algebra and geometry into the science of the classical pure (not applied) mathematics in 1800. Thus, the final, or super unified, theory is simply the synthesis of Newton’s physics and Gauss’s mathematics, How it is possible? The existing sciences make use of the arithmetical unity 1. But nature is measured by the second possible radix being the Golden section constant 1. 618… The latter does notably lead to the unification theory. All this is very simple, indeed. To the educated people worldwide is known a book by the Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg titled Dream of a Final theory. The dream came true. The human civilization will last avoiding global catastrophe, provided only that the modern nations learn the superunification theory, and in due time, not any later. The modern civilization has no time left to be wasted in whatever false pretensions. The current critical trends in the world should not reach the point of no return. Time is running out, said the host of the website: