HRH Premier issues Edict 19/2018

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Manama, June 13 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa issued Edict 19/2018 regarding the establishment of the Coordination and Follow-up Committee between Bahrain and United Nations agencies.
The committee will be chaired by the Foreign Ministry will compromise a representative from the HRH the Prime Minister’s Court, a representative from the First Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, a representative of the Council of Ministers, a representative from the Finance Ministry and a representative from the Foreign Ministry.

Members nominated to the committee by the said bodies will be named by decision from the Foreign Minister and their term will be three years renewable for similar periods.
In case a membership seat becomes vacant for whatsoever reason, a replacement will take over to represent the same body and will complete the term of his predecessor.
The committee will have its rapporteur appointed by decision of the Committee chairman from among the Foreign Ministry’s staff.

The Edict stipulated that the projects and initiatives of cooperation with UN agencies will conform with the Government Action Plan, Bahrain Vision 2030, national plans and policy to achieve sustainable development.
The necessary funds to finance the initiatives with the UN agencies and its priorities for national development plans will achieve optimal use of the allocated budgets and prevent any duplicity in the implementation of projects.
The Edict stipulated the follow up of projects agreed between Bahrain and the UN agencies, particularly the projects Bahrain contributes to financing.
The Edict stipulated the supervision over the workflow of projects signed between Bahrain and the UN agencies to ensure their implementation in conformity with the requirements specified in the projects documents.
It also stipulated the consideration of any suggestions from the concerned bodies regarding the establishment of offices or centres of the UN agencies in Bahrain.
The Edict also stipulated to consider any other topics referred to the committee by the chairman.

The committee will convene at the invitation of its chairman at the venue and time he specifies. A majority quorum of the members including the chairman or any member he may deputize, will be required to hold the committee meeting, and to issue its decisions by majority of its members who attend the meeting. In case of a tie, the chairman's vote decides the outcome. The committee in its first meeting will set the rules and regulation of its business.
The committee may seek assistance from expert(s) to attend its meetings without counting them in the vote on the decisions and recommendations.

The committee will submit its semi-annual report to the Foreign Minister to present it to the Executive Committee. The committee will also prepare its annual report which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers.

The Foreign Minister has been tasked to implement this Edict effective from the date of issuance. It will be published in the Official Gazette.