Malaysia Condemns Israeli Violence Against Palestinian Protesters

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PUTRAJAYA, May 16 (Bernama) – Malaysia has condemned the Israeli violence against the Palestinians and called upon the United Nations to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

In a statement Tuesday, Wisma Putra said the perpetrators of Israel’s brutal action which led to the deaths of 58 Palestinians who were protesting against the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14 must be held accountable for the crime against humanity.

“All Malaysians condemn in the strongest terms the brutal actions of Israel. Malaysia strongly urges the international community to act immediately to de-escalate the situation and prevent further casualties among civilians,” it said.

Wisma Putra added Malaysia was concerned over the potential wider repercussions of this act of state-sponsored terrorism as it would inflame sentiments leading to further violence, not only in the Middle East but beyond as it would be detrimental to the global efforts against terrorism.

“The act of brutality by Israel with disproportionate use of force in the name of self-defence is a clear violation of international law,” it said.