Meeting of Koreans in Japan Held

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Pyongyang, September 12 (KCNA) -- A meeting of Koreans in Japan took place at the Korean Hall of Culture in Tokyo on Sept. 8 in celebration of the 70th birthday of the DPRK.
Read out at the event was a congratulatory message sent by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to the officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and all other Korean compatriots in Japan on the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK.
Ho Jong Man, chairman of the Chongryon Central Standing Committee, in a report, paid the highest tribute to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on behalf of all the Chongryon officials and Koreans in Japan on the occasion of the anniversary and extended the highest glory and the warmest congratulations to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
The foundation of the DPRK was the birth of a new-type power of the people, the first of its kind in history, and a great event to go down in the history of the nation which served as a fundamental turn in carving out the destiny of the Korean people and building a thriving country, he said.
He noted that under the leadership of the peerlessly great men, the DPRK has made a history of victory and prosperity to be specially recorded in the world history of politics for seven decades.
Today the DPRK is ushering in a golden age in building a powerful socialist country thanks to Kim Jong Un, the reporter said, calling for more dynamically advancing towards the hopeful future of the homeland and the nation, Chongryon and Koreans in Japan provided by Kim Jong Un.
Read out at the meeting was a congratulatory message of the Chongryon Central Standing Committee to Kim Jong Un.
Attending the meeting were Pae Jin Gu, vice-chairman and concurrently director general of the General Affairs Department of the Chongryon Central Standing Committee; Jo Il Yon, vice-chairperson and director of the Organizational Department of the Chongryon Central Standing Committee; Pak Ku Ho, vice-chairman of the Chongryon Central Standing Committee; Kang Chu Ryon, vice-chairwoman of the Chongryon Central Standing Committee and chairwoman of the Central Standing Committee of the Union of Democratic Korean Women in Japan; advisors and department directors of the C.C., Chongryon; the chief of the Research Institute on History of Korean Residents in Japan; the chairman of the Kanagawa Prefectural headquarters of Chongryon; the rector of Korean University; and leading officials of central organizations and affiliates of Chongryon, Chongryon officials in Kanto area, Korean residents in Japan from all walks of life and teachers and students of Korean University. -0-