Newspapers: Qatari Achievements Continue at Various Levels Despite Unjust Siege

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Doha, June 10 (QNA) - Qatari newspapers agreed that the State of Qatar was able, one year after the unjust siege, to win the respect and confidence of the international community in its steadfastness and its successive achievements at various levels.
The newspapers stressed that Qatar has challenged the siege by establishing many national industries, and that the health sector has witnessed steady development.
In their editorials Sunday the papers pointed out that the State of Qatar spared its citizens and residents the consequences of the economic siege.
The papers also referred to the siege countries' actions and laws that criminalize the movement of Qataris between Doha and the GCC capitals.
For its part, Al-Sharq newspaper said that the four siege countries insist on their crime against Qatar and the Qatari people and disregard the teachings of Islam, customs and traditions that warn of breaking family ties and engaging peoples into political crisis.
The newspaper added that if the State of Qatar succeeded in confronting the siege at the political, economic and media levels, the social impacts of the siege cannot be ignored, noting that Qatar spared its citizens and residents the consequences of the economic siege as they do not feel its effects on their daily lives.
It also pointed out that the social effects and the prevention of the people of Qatar from Umrah are crime against humanity.
Al-Sharq concluded that the siege countries are spending a lot of their wealth in order to discredit Qatar and clear their record, but they will not deceive the world.
In turn, Al-Raya newspaper stressed that during the unjust siege imposed on Qatar, dozens of national industries that enjoy high quality and suitable prices have emerged.
These industrial achievements, the paper said, stem from the State's keenness and unprecedented encouragement for the heavy, transformational, pharmaceutical and food industries, pointing out that the total investments in industrial projects and agricultural and livestock production reached QR26 billion, 80 factories were established after the siege to meet the needs of the local market and a factory was established to supply the 2022 World Cup stadiums with equipment and seats.
This important industrial development in Qatar in one year is a clear message to the siege countries that Qatar will not retreat and that the siege strengthened Qatar's economy in all sectors, including the industrial sector, the paper said.
After one year of the unjust siege, the State of Qatar was able to gain the respect of the international community by its steadfastness, as the siege motivated Qatar to move towards relying on its own capabilities, create new high quality industries and products and to support and encourage the national private sector, which has become an active element in the national economy.
In conclusion, Al-Raya said that Qatar's entry into large coalitions for the production of heavy industries locally is a quantum leap in the transformation from small and medium to large industries and pharmaceutical and food industries, noting that the ambition is not only to achieve self-sufficiency, but also to export products to foreign markets.
In its editorial, Al-Watan newspaper said that Qatar has made a qualitative leap in all fields and services at all levels, especially with regard to health and education fields.
  It pointed out that the health sector in the country is witnessing steady development, despite the unjust siege. This was confirmed by HE Minister of Public Health Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari, who pointed out that Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is constantly expanding and developing its facilities and services in order to meet the needs of the population growing in Qatar for healthcare services.
  The paper pointed out that new technology, services and methodologies have been implemented at HMC's hospitals to improve patients experience as well as the quality of care available to them.
The daily noted the inauguration of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Unit at the Heart Hospital and the new Robotic Pharmacy for the preparation of chemotherapy at the National Center for Cancer Treatment and Research (NCCTR).
  It also stressed that Qatar believes that progress and development can be achieved only through science and scientific research, which is confirmed by the keenness of the State to upgrade the educational institutions.
  In conclusion, Al-Watan praised the qualitative leap achieved by Qatar University that ranked 87th in the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings 2018, indicating that the importance of this leap is that this year rankings include 250 institutions from 55 different countries, and that QU has advanced significantly in one year, which means that it is moving fast forward. (QNA)