Pilgrims to abide by Hajj instructions

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Manama, Aug. 8 (BNA): The Bahraini Consul General in Jeddah, Ebrahim M. Al-Meslimani, noted that "There is no Hajj without a permit.", calling on Bahraini citizens, pilgrims and residents to abide by the directives and instructions issued by the Saudi authorities.

Al-Meslimani mentioned that the instructions for the Hajj season for the current year stipulate that Hajj permits should be issued and shown upon arrival at the ports of Saudi Arabia and at the request of security personnel.

He stressed that the competent Saudi authorities currently prohibit the entry of visitors to Makkah unless they were pilgrims, due to the arrival of Hajj season, in addition to preventing persons not associated with Hajj campaigns and vehicles from outside the Kingdom unless shown special entry permit for vehicles.

The Consul General called on Bahraini travelers, who are not pilgrims, to not enter or approach the borders of Makkah during the Hajj season to avoid violating the laws and the exposure to legal accountability and seizure of vehicles.

He also affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided a special project for guidance and sacrifice (Hadi and Adhahi).

He called on pilgrims from the Kingdom of Bahrain to maintain and ensure travel and important documents and property, stressing that there will be no distribution of any publications or brochures during the Hajj season only after the permission of the Ministry of Information and Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also stressed the need to complete all instructions for the Hajj season for the current year, including taking preventive vaccinations against epidemic diseases in health centers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in order to avoid infectious diseases.

He stressed the need to take all the permits required for the possibility of vehicular mobility by land in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pointing out the importance of obtaining an official permit for Hajj, and warning of the transfer or harboring of offenders, which will expose them to legal responsibility.

He urged pilgrims to adhere to all instructions, advice and guidance issued by the concerned authorities, emphasizing the ability to access the Holy Site only through the Hajj campaigns of Bahrain accredited to the mission of the Kingdom of Bahrain for Hajj, in addition to the importance of obtaining the permits for Hajj issued by the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Hajj campaigns in Bahrain, as it will not allow those who are not registered with Bahraini accredited campaigns to enter Makkah.

The Consul called for the necessity of adhering to the laws of pilgrims and the specific dates of arrival from the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He pointed out that the Saudi authorities concerned with pilgrims will not allow the administrative staff of the campaigns to perform Hajj, as their role will be limited to administrative and logistical aspects during the rituals. The administrative accompanying the campaigns are also requested to attach visas and special permits in their passports, and will prevent anyone wearing the Ihram from entering Saudi territory unless he obtains an approved license issued by the Saudi electronic system throughout the Hajj season.

He also pointed out to the Bahraini pilgrims the importance of pre-planning before traveling to Makkah with licensed Hajj campaigns, noting that the pilgrims of the Kingdom should avoid crowded areas with the rest of the pilgrims and take into account the non-use of private cars in the rituals. He also stressed that whoever violates the above is responsible and will present himself for legal accountability, assuring the need to abide by the procedures applied by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to regulate the movement of vehicles in Makkah, as all types of vehicles not registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has a capacity or load of 25 passengers are not allowed in.

He noted that small cars will be kept in the parking lot at the entrances to Makkah, in addition to the decision to prevent the entry of all types of motorcycles and aerobics to the holy places. He also pointed out that the Saudi authorities prevent and under any circumstances all types of small vehicles from entering the holy sites during the Hajj season, and forbidding all kinds of vehicles for service purposes and transporting employees, supervisors and workers to enter the holy sites unless permission is obtained from the supervising authority of the service in which the vehicle is used and according to the specific regulations.

The Consul General also warned that this year's temperature is expected to rise way above average in comparison to previous years, which calls for campaigners to fully prepare pilgrims, especially newcomers who have never been pilgrims before, not to travel or do any work at peak times in Makkah, advising them to also go out after Maghrib prayer to perform any ritual, he also advised pilgrims coming from the Kingdom of Bahrain who wish to perform Hajj by road, to take care and caution during the road, to ensure the safety of all.

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain will continue to work hard and follow-up instructions and regulations issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia and will communicate with the concerned officials to facilitate its process for Hajj campaigns and to the pilgrims and residents from the Kingdom. He also pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always prepares for and facilitates Hajj smoothly, appreciating the efforts of all ministries and governmental and private bodies that cooperate for the success of Hajj.

The Consul highlighted that "We are working every year to benefit from the facilities offered by the Saudi authorities in the comprehensive improvement of the level of services offered to the pilgrims in Bahrain," He thanked the Saudi government for the availability of facilities to serve all pilgrims of all nationalities, praising the projects implemented by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the advanced services and the modern technical programs provided by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to their guests, wishing all the pilgrims a successful Hajj.

He also affirmed that the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Jeddah is ready to assist the pilgrims of the Kingdom of Bahrain when needed, and to not hesitate to contact the phone numbers listed below, and advised pilgrims to follow the "Hajj Travel Guidance", issued through social media of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of Jeddah on ( Twitter).

If you need help please contact:

Consular Phone: 00966126076770

Consular fax: 00966126079565

E-mail: [email protected]

Consulate General's Twitter @BahrainConKSA

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