PM visits flood-hit Phetchaburi

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PHETCHABURI, Aug 8 (TNA) - Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has inspected water management and flood preparation in Phetchaburi.

Gen Prayut today observed water management at the Phetchaburi dam in Tha Yang district, receiving excess water from the Kaeang Krachan Dam spillover.

He also inspected irrigation canal extension and installation of water pushing machines in Baan Laem district to speed up draining water into the sea.

Meanwhile, Thongplew Kongjun, Director-General of royal irrigation department said the Kaeng Krachan Dam has contained the water volume of more than 730 million cubic metres and it overflowed the spillway at about 46 cm. The Phetchaburi Dam downstream has the capacity to release water of 160 cubic metres per second.

As a result, the current situation has not yet affected farmlands and houses but tourist resorts on the bank of the river have been flooded.

He said the massive volume of water would flow to the provincial seat on Aug 12 and would cause flood about 30-50 cm high. The flooding could prolong for about 7-10 days, he said.

To handle the flooding, more than 40 water jet propulsion machines were installed in the river near the estuary in Baan Laem district to speed up water flow into the sea and reduce floodwater.

The flood will be diverted through irrigation canals. Meanwhile, the water inflow of the Kaeng Krachan Dam has dropped and that is a good sign, he said. (TNA)