Qatar Red Crescent Launches Eid Udhiya Campaign

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Doha, August 08 (QNA) - Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) announced Wednesday the launch of a new campaign to facilitate the observation of Islamic Udhiya sacrifice ritual, as per the due Sharia requirements and specifications.
In a press conference, QRCS Secretary-General, Ali bin Hassan Al Hammadi, congratulated the Qatari people and the Muslim Nation for the approach of the Eid-ul-Adha. "Today, we announce a new project that involves slaughtering Udhiya animals on behalf of the participating public. All you have to do is to choose your animal, specify where it will be used, and pay the price. After that, we will undertake the whole process".
In Qatar, Al Hammadi explained, Widam Food Co. will provide and slaughter the animals within the legal and health regulations. Then, QRCS's personnel will distribute the meat to the needy families.
Internationally, a Brazilian company is contracted to provide and slaughter the animals. Then, the meat will be processed and sealed in airtight containers for preservation. QRCS foreign offices will deliver the canned meat where it is much-needed.
"This innovative product is useful in two ways: It provides a shelf-life of four years while still edible, and it is a perfect choice for refugees and displaced people, who typically have no cooking fuel or refrigerators," Al Hammadi added. "The project was approved by QRCS's Sharia Committee as Sharia-compliant".
According to Dr. Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, Executive Director of Relief and International Development Division, the project is estimated to serve up to 140,000 beneficiaries in 20 countries. "Our target budget is over QR 8 million," he said.
"To choose your animal and pay the price," said Head of General Resource Mobilization Mohamed Mubarak Al Hajri. He added that "you can consult QRCS's agents at malls and Al Meera stores, visit QRCS's website (, and call the hotlines." (QNA)