Qatari Newspapers Condemn Brutal Israeli Massacre against Palestinians in Gaza

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Doha, May 15 (QNA) - Qatari newspapers denounced the brutal massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the peaceful Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the martyrdom of 55 Palestinians and the injuries of hundreds others.
The newspapers denounced Israel's repression of the peaceful return marches, which began on Monday towards the Gaza border in conjunction with the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.
The papers also called on the Security Council and regional organizations to shoulder their responsibilities and take the necessary positions to support the Palestinian people and protect peaceful demonstrators from systematic killings and bring war criminals to justice. They also called on the Arab world to take an urgent action to stop the occupation's crimes.
In their editorials Tuesday, the newspapers also noted the State of Qatar's strong condemnation and denunciation of the brutal massacre in the Gaza Strip and the cowardly Israeli targeting of children, youth and women.
The papers also referred to Qatar's call on all international and regional powers that have a voice in Israel to act immediately to stop the brutal killing machine.
For its part, Al-Watan newspaper said that the brutal massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the peaceful Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip, during their peaceful protest against the decision of the United States to move its embassy to Jerusalem, which coincided with the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, requires an immediate international accountability of the Zionist entity.
The international and regional outrage over the Israeli massacre is not enough to curb the occupation policies and stop bloodshed throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, the paper said.
Moreover, the daily praised the role played by the State of Qatar which has long called on the world to address the occupation's crimes and warned of its persistence in violations.
In conclusion, Al-Watan called on the international community to intervene in order to hold accountable the crimes of the occupation, saying that the Islamic awakening is coming and that Palestine is our central cause and there are no compromises on supporting it.
Meanwhile, Al-Sharq newspaper condemned the massacres committed by Israel against the defenseless Palestinians and called on the international community to shoulder its moral and legal responsibility towards the Palestinian people and stop these massacres and protect the Palestinian civilians and enable them to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Al-Sharq underlined that the failure of the international community to stop this killing machine reflects the weakness of the collective security systems to protect civilians.
The Qatari daily said that the inauguration of the US embassy in occupied Jerusalem represent a new "Nakba" to the Palestinian people, noting that this step blows up the peace process and the two-state solution, and disregards the resolutions of international legitimacy.
Al-Sharq warned that the situation threatens the international peace and security, urging the UN Security Council and the international and regional organizations to carry out their responsibilities to stop the crimes of the occupation and to maintain the special status of Jerusalem.
For its part, Qatari newspaper Al-Raya said that the brutal massacre committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians in Gaza which coincided with the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem is a double Israeli-American crime that should not be tolerated by the Arab, Islamic and world countries.
The Qatari daily called on all international and regional powers to immediately stop the brutal killing of the defenseless Palestinian people, and urged the United National and the Security Council to shoulder their legal and moral responsibilities and to protect the Palestinians.
Al-Raya held the United States fully responsible for the massacres committed against the Palestinian people, referring to the US positions and resolutions that were fully biased towards the Israeli occupation and supported it will all its actions. (QNA)