Tham Luang cave to be rehabilitated after rescue operation

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BANGKOK, July 11 (TNA) – The Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai will be habilitated after the rescue operation of 12 young football players and their coach ended yesterday.

The director-general of the National Park Office, Songtham Suksawang said officials are conducting survey on the physical environment of Tham Luang cave, affected the rescue mission.

During weeks-long search and rescue operation, upto 1,000 officials and volunteers both Thais and foreigners took turn working around the clock in their attempt to extract the trapped group of 13.

Well water and shafts on the mountain were drilled and natural water courses were diverted from flowing into the cave. Water pump, electricity system and other heavy equipment were used.

The director-general said park officials will revive the cave, back to its normal conditions. However, it takes time, at least after the rainy season passes.

Regarding the safety of cave visitors in the future, surveillance cameras will be installed and a tourist service center will be set up.

Moreover, a monument of Saman Kunan, former member of the Navy SEAL will be built at the cave to commemorate his heroic act after he lost his life while diving to place oxygen tanks in the cave. His sacrifice to help the trapped boys will be always remembered. (TNA)