Three Killed In Two Incidents In Narathiwat

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NARATHIWAT (Thailand) Aug 8 (Bernama) – Three people were killed in two separate incidents in the restive province of Narathiwat in southern Thailand Tuesday.

Sungai Padi police chief Col Pakdee Prichanshun said two security volunteers were killed after being ambushed by a group of armed men in Kampung Tokdeng, at 4.20 pm (local time).

At that juncture, the armed group fired shots at the duo before setting fire to the motorcycle belonging to one of the victims, he said here.

Pakdee said the perpetrators also carted away the victims' AK102 rifles and bullet-proof vests.

Police also found 10 M16 shells at the scene.

Meanwhile in another incident which took place about two hours earlier, an assistant village headman identified as Zulkifli Longpak ​​​​was shot dead by an unknown attacker in Kampung Baluka, Yingo district.

Narathiwat police chief Maj Gen Manas Sikkamas, who confirmed the incident said they were still investigating the motive of the incident.