Minju Joson Urges Japan's Settlement of Past

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Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono trumpeted about strengthened solidarity for "denuclearization" of the DPRK and about the "abduction issue" in a joint statement announced after the talks with his German counterpart.
Meanwhile, the president of the Japan House of Councilors flew to Russia to beg for the solution of the "nuclear issue of north Korea" and the issue of "early repatriation" of Japanese "abducted and forced to remain".
Commenting on the fact, Minju Joson says on Tuesday:
This doesn't mean that Japan has its own political view, but reveals its intention to get rid of tight corner, make up for its diplomatic blunder and benefit from intervention in the Korean peninsula issue.
The harder it tries to provoke the DPRK, the worse its diplomatic isolation gets and the slimmer the possibility of entering into the peace process on the Korean peninsula gets.
If Japan is truly concerned about the issue of the Korean peninsula, it should do what it is obliged to do. Unlike other countries Japan has an important outstanding issue called liquidation of the past in relations with the DPRK. Its intention to flee from this and do anything else won't work on us.
The liquidation of the past is the first and foremost political task facing Japan in relations with the DPRK.
Japan should behave itself, properly understanding our approach to it. -0-