People's Aspiration Unquenchable

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Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- It is the trend of the times in south Korea that the desire of the people for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations cannot be quenched since the historic north-south summit meeting and the adoption of the Panmunjom declaration.
It is the unanimous wish of the entire Korean nation to put an end to the history of national division and confrontation which has lasted for over 70 years and open up a new era of peace and reunification.
The historic inter-Korean summit meeting and the Panmunjom declaration provided by the noble intention and enthusiastic patriotism of the peerlessly great man to surely build a dignified and prosperous reunified country on this land by the concerted efforts of the nation are the historical events that gave hope for future and dream to all the members of the nation.
Now the 3 000-ri land of Korea is seething with zeal for peace, prosperity, reconciliation and unity in the wake of the adoption of the April 27 Panmunjom declaration, a programme for independent reunification in our era which inherited the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.
Working talks have been held one after another in different fields between the north and the south amid the rising expectation for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations.
Shouts of "National reunification" and "We are one" resounded in Pusan, Taegu, etc. in the June 15 era of reunification are capturing heartstrings of Koreans in Phyongchang, Taejon and other parts of south Korea.
The reunification of the north and south is not an abstract meaning.
It is proved by the results of the recent "poll on south-north relations" conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of south Korea, which said that 83.5 percent of all south Koreans think that the south and the north can be reunified and broad segments of people approve of reunification.
Seventy percent of the residents in Taegu and North Kyongsang Province called "bulwark of conservatives", the stronghold of conservatives, fully support the inter-Korean summit meeting and the Panmunjom declaration. This shows the enthusiasm for national reunification is on the rise among the people.
Those people who took conservative stand in the north-south relations would say that they have lived for 30 years, being absentminded by Park Chung-Hee and Park Geun Hye, and that impeachment of Park Geun Hye was quite natural. They oppose the disgusting "Liberal Korea Party".
It is the fixed will of Koreans to sincerely implement the Panmunjom declaration and open up a rosy future of development of the inter-Korean relations and peace and independent reunification of the Korean peninsula.
All Koreans should turn out in the great drive for accelerating peace, prosperity and reunification of the nation after connecting the severed blood vessel of the nation as early as possible. -0-