Rodong Sinmun on Japanese Reactionary Ruling Quarters' Distortion of History

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Pyongyang, August 12 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionary ruling quarters are becoming persistent and desperate in their moves to tamper with history.
A typical example of them is that the Japanese authorities announced a measure compulsory to implement the teaching manuals to the effect that "Tok Island is part of the territory of Japan" for senior high schools from next year.
Rodong Sinmun Sunday in a commentary observes in this regard:
The Japanese reactionaries are to openly conduct the gangster-like education to grab the territory at senior high schools in the wake of primary and secondary schools, a proof that their moves for distorting the history have reached an extreme pitch.
They can not make Tok Island as their land even though they desperately instill into the younger generation the groundless assertion that Tok Island is "part of the territory of Japan."
Tok Island has been recognized as an inviolable territory of Korea in the light of the historical point of view and international law.
When a proper education of history is not conducted, the younger generation can not take a right way, not discharging their duties, and eventually the future of a country becomes gloomy.
Japan's persistent moves to tamper with history would invite international isolation.
Its denial of the history is as foolish an act as lifting an ax to drop it on one's own foot.
Japan should bear in mind the bitter lesson which the past history teaches the younger generation. -0-