S. Korean Conservatives Must Be Brought to Justice: Rodong Sinmun

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Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- The disgusting "Liberal Korea Party" group in south Korea made a spectacle of themselves, which is frowned upon by the public.
From May 3 Kim Song Thae, floor leader of the LKP, and other riff-raff of it pitched a tent and staged a hunger strike outside the "National Assembly" to demand a special inspection of the scandal called an election rigging.
Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in a commentary terms the despicable behavior of the LKP a hysterical fit of those who are marginalized from the stream of the times and doomed to death.
The commentary says that the LKP group takes advantage of the said case in a bid to better their fate that was sealed after being marginalized from the trend of the times toward independent reunification and to get sympathy of the public, but to no avail.
Hell is now open for the LKP, so it will only face the cold shoulder, shame and doom no matter how desperately it may struggle to stir up the public and attain its sinister purpose, says the commentary, adding:
The LKP coteries must think themselves why they face the curse and accusation from the public, before trumpeting about "terror" and "probe into truth", and face justice of history.
If they continue to behave as now, the conservative group as a whole will get severe punishment and be taken into a grave tomorrow, though a single floor leader is punched today. -0-