S. Korean Military's Design to Stifle Compatriots in North under Fire

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Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the south Korean military decided to keep the "joint defense posture" and "sanctions on the north" and the U.S. forces in south Korea at the 14th meeting of the south Korea-U.S. combined defense council. At a "meeting of major commanding officers of the army" it cried out for pushing ahead with the "defense forces reform 2.0" which includes the "operation plans of attack on the north" like the "triad strike system".
Minju Joson in a commentary Wednesday terms this a revelation of the dangerous design to stifle the compatriots in the north with the backing of outsiders.
The double-dealing scenario is just sleight of hand of the stupid ones precipitating their self-destruction, and those going against the trend of the times and public demand are bound to face divine punishment, the commentary says, and goes on:
The south Korean military is well advised not to forget the lesson from the Park Geun Hye regime which met a miserable end for getting hell-bent in confrontation and war moves against the compatriots in the north with the backing of outsiders.
Opportunity is not available all the time. The south Korean military should not act rashly, mindful that its reckless military act will chill the atmosphere of detente on the Korean peninsula and result in irrevocable critical consequences. -0-