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Moscow /MONTSAME/ During his working visit to Moscow, Foreign Minister of Mongolia D.Tsogtbaatar met with his counterpart S.N.Lavrov on May 16. After the meeting the Foreign Ministers held a press conference.
At the press conference, the parties expressed their interest in expanding active cooperation in broad spheres including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), United Nations (UN) and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).
“We exchanged views on some issues regional and international communities are facing. Moreover, we have agreed to continue our cooperation in major fields like SCO, UN and OSCE. By improving relationship with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Mongolia will be able to increase trade turnover, attract investment and expand regional and border cooperation. The second meeting of the working group to expand cooperation between the Government of Mongolia and EAEU was held in 2017 in Ulaanbaatar. I am confident that the work will continue intensively in the future” said Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation S.V.Lavrov, noting that there will be many opportunities for Mongolia with the Great Eurasian partnership. He also emphasized that Russia will support Mongolia in all aspects with this great start.
Foreign Minister of Mongolia D.Tsogtbaatar said “At the initiative of Mongolia, Mongolia-Russia cooperation has expanded to trilateral cooperation including the People’s Republic of China. Mongolia is paying close attention to the Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor Program. A meeting of three leaders are planned in June, during the SCO summit in Qingdao, China. Mongolia has began studies and is creating a favorable legal environment to conclude free trade agreement with the EAEU.”
Minister S.V.Lavrov noted that the document on expansion of trilateral cooperation based on agreements between the leaders of Mongolia, Russia and China will be approved soon.
“The Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor Program includes quite feasible projects in infrastructure, railway transportation and logistics service. Documents related to the program are ready and will be approved soon. We are making a great effort to satisfy Mongolia's interests, including making transit transportation between Russia, China and Europe. Mongolia’s transit transportation increased by 2.7 times last year, if I’m not mistaken. This growth demonstrates the potential for further transportation increase” said Minister S.V.Lavrov and noted that the meeting with the Foreign Minister of Mongolia was effective.