Full Name: National News Agency 

Head: Mr. Ziad Harfouche 

Address: Lebanon, Beirut, Hamra street- Ministry of Information building , 3rd floor  

Phone: +961 1 341977, 961 1 754777 

Fax: +961 1 756018 

Email: news@nna-leb.gov.lb  

Website: http://nna-leb.gov.lb/en

  • The National Media Agency was established on 7/8/1961 based on Decree No. 7276 organizing the Ministry of Information. The powers of the units in the Ministry were determined based on Decree No. 8588 dated 24/1/1962, and its name at that time was the Directorate of the National News Agency.
  • The National News Agency began its actual work on March 19, 1962, as a media tool and an official reference for public authorities and official and private media. Between 1962 and today, the agency kept pace with every development that occurred in the profession, that is, it joined the digital media since 2004, and later became platforms via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Its news website is considered the first in Lebanon in terms of broadcasting news and the number of visitors. The agency has about 120 delegates in all Lebanese regions, and a team of central editors who ensure work and broadcast news continuously, seven days without a holiday, from six in the morning until twelve in the middle of the night.
  • Its offices are in the Ministry of Information.
  • The National Agency has no competitors, since it is the only agency that deals with public information among the agencies.
  • Its audience is all media, of all kinds and diversity, visual, audio, written and electronic, and everyone who wants to obtain reliable and honest news.
  • The National Agency is one of the directorates of the Ministry of Information, and it is distinguished from other written media in that it does not stop working even on Sundays, holidays, official holidays and on holidays set by the Press Syndicate, so that it works 18 hours a day and provides its services for free, and this matter has increased the number of visitors on Agency web page.
  • The National News Agency publishes in three languages, Arabic, French and English. It is the first source of news in Lebanon and is adopted by all Lebanese and international media. It has correspondents in Lebanon and abroad, such as Italy, Australia and Syria.
  • Ten directors have succeeded in managing it, starting with Bassem El-Jisr in 1962 and ending with its current director, Ziad Harfouche, since 2019.
  • The National Agency is a founding member of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), a member of the Organization of Asia and Pacific News Agencies (OANA), a member of the Association of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) and a member of the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UNA).
  • @NNALeb