Full Name: Emirates News Agency -WAM

Head: Director General - Mr. Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi 

Address: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Phone Number: +9712-4110000

Fax: +9712-4411963

Contact Persons: Marwa Moustafa Raslan

Email: Marwa.Raslan@wam.ae

Tel: 971505122413

Dana Ali Alhasan 

Email: Dana.AlHasan@wam.ae 

Tel: 971509878979

Website: https://ddei5-0-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=https%3a%2f%2fwam.ae%2fen&umid=D8FF1D5F-0916-2106-9D4D-0BDFA001E6A9&auth=d95b31bf228f812d834cf2cf03f5e34fa7215184-94c427fb4d464a3483bf2abcb27bea170cda9151

  • Emirates News Agency established in November 1976, five years after the foundation of the UAE, Emirati News Agency has continued to grow for nearly half a century, becoming an independent entity in 2021. Bolstering its leading role in publishing news content, WAM reaches all continents of the world, delivering media content in 19 different languages.

  • WAM features different news that caters to all segments of society, from politics to sports and business, including photographs and video materials. During Covid-19 pandemic WAM took the lead of media scene, recording remarkable rates with its news content being used widely across news agencies, newspapers, radio and TY Channels, news portals, and digital platforms. Since its inception, WAM has remained steadfast in its effort to exchange experiences and knowledge. With 125 partnerships active worldwide.

  • More than 125 worldwide media partnerships.

  • A press team More than 140 experts.

  • We speak 19 languages.

  • 8 offices in the UAE.

  • 16 correspondents around the world.

  • Emirates News Agency -WAM has 19 languages included Arabic , English , French , farsi , Italian , Spanish , Portuguese , Bengali , Chinese , Germany , Hebrew , Hindi , Indonesian , Pashto , Malayalam , Russian , sinhal , Turkish , Urdu .
  • WAM has 8 offices in the UAE .
  • Numbers of social media accounts : 7 pages ( Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , Threads , Link den , Youtube , Tiktok ).