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Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the UN Security Council is the country's triumph in foreign policy and diplomacy which has received wide acclaim on the international arena. Many countries have supported the initiatives of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in creating a safer world. Renunciation of nuclear weapons, fighting against terrorism, the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan, the consolidation of peace in Central Asia are the missions that Kazakhstan has honorably fulfilled in the Security Council. Therefore, as the architect of regional politics and stability, the Polish parliament recognizes Kazakhstan. Senator Kazimierz Klein said that the initiative of international security is extremely important for Europe. in January Poland began to work as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

- Today we are talking about the situation in Africa. There nearly 70 million people might become refugees, there is a threat of violent spontaneous migration. This greatly affects security in Asia. Therefore, these initiatives, which are about security and peace as well as the regulation of conflicts, are extremely necessary.

According to the Polish senator, the approaches of Kazakhstan and Poland to the topics of ensuring regional and global security coincide. The two sides are trying to support mutual international initiatives. For example, Poland supported the main priorities of Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and Kazakhstan's candidacy for hosting an international exhibition, as well as the chairmanship in the UN Security Council.

- Kazakhstan actually feels itself as a part of Europe, and those initiatives that come from such a large state are very important. Obviously, you, as citizens of Kazakhstan, would like Poland to liquidate the visa regime. However, this depends not only on Poland, but also on the 28 EU countries, participants of the Schengen agreement, but having shown patience and the political will, everything can be achieved.

The peculiar bridge of friendship and cooperation between the countries is the Polish diaspora. Nearly 35,000 Poles live in Kazakhstan. In addition, growth is observed in attracting Polish capital, and this is approximately 200 joint-venture enterprises.