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Fri, 05/19/2023 - 16:27
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Aboul Gheit: The International Scene Is Going Through One Of The Most Dangerous Periods In Contemporary History

Baghdad / NINA / - The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, affirmed that the international scene is going through one of the most dangerous periods in contemporary history, represented by massive polarization and competition between the major powers at the expense of smaller or individual powers, and therefore the Arab countries have no choice in this difficult historical stage, except that it adheres to Arab interests as a basic criterion for international positions, and that it commits itself to coordination among them and collective action, as a sure way to strengthen the Arab bloc in the face of polarization pressures.

Aboul Gheit said in his speech before the Arab summit held in the city of Jeddah: "The crises of our Arab region did not find a way to solve after a decade and more of suffering, blood and pain, as millions of Arabs are still refugees and displaced persons.

He added, "There are great efforts to stop the bloodshed and the losses in all fields of civil war, where there is neither a victor nor a vanquished... The Arab crises are now witnessing a state of stagnation compared to the more inflamed conditions we witnessed in the past, and it is an opportunity that must be seized... in order to activate Arab solutions." those Arab crises.

Aboul Gheit welcomed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after Syria returned to its seat in this esteemed council. Its consequences have gone beyond the borders of the Syrian homeland, and we hope that the Arabs will contribute to finding effective solutions to the many Syrian pains.

He explained, "The Arab region has suffered for a long time, and still is, from regional interference in its affairs, and these interventions produced nothing but a harvest of rupture, division and blood," indicating that there are indications that the neighbors' approach could change.

He again welcomed the agreement signed between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran last March, indicating that relations with all neighbors must always be based on respect for the principles of good neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of states, as basic principles in the Charter of the United Nations, which adhere to principles our national states, and do not overdo it.”

He said: “Dear Palestine remains a burden that its people cannot bear alone,” indicating that the reckless practices of the Israeli occupation government have led to a shocking escalation in the level of violence and killing in recent months, disappointing the steadfastness of the Palestinians everywhere in the occupied territory.

He stressed that the provocative policies and practices of that government, which is steeped in extremism and hatred, must be faced with a firm response from the international community, instead of the suspicious and disgraceful silence we are witnessing./ End