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Thu, 05/25/2023 - 06:40
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EC to Announce Official Vote Counting Results

BANGKOK, May 25 (TNA) – The Election Commission (EC) will announce official vote counting results, in which the Move Forward Party (MFP) is projected to win 151 constituency and party-list seats. The EC finished verifying the vote count of all electoral constituencies in the May 14 general election. Out of 52.1 million eligible voters, 39.5 million people exercised their rights or 75.71% of voter turnout. According to the vote count of constituency ballots, there were 37.1 million valid ballots or 94.12 per cent, 1.4 million spoiled ballots or 3.69% and 2.19% of abstained votes. In vote counting of party-list ballots, there were 37.5 million valid ballots or 94.96%, 1.5 million spoiled ballots or 3.82% and 1.22% of abstained votes. Latest results of vote counting shows the Move Forward Party wins 151 seats, followed by Pheu Thai (141) and Bhumjaithai (71), Palang Pracharat (40), United Thai Nation (36), Democrat Party (25), Chart Thai Pattana (10 ), Prachachart (9), Thai Sang Thai (6), Chart Pattana Kla (2) Pheu Thai Ruamphalang (2). Seri Ruam Thai, New Democrat, New Party, Fair Party, Party of Thai Counties, Palung Sungkom Mai and Thai Teachers for People won one seat each. The tally is official results of vote counting, which has not been certified by the EC. (TNA)