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Thu, 10/27/2022 - 16:52
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Tangerang District of Indonesia shares insights on coastal area management

Jakarta, Oct 27 (ANTARA) - Tangerang District Head Zaki Iskandar shed light on the management of coastal areas while addressing the Partnerships in Environmental Management for The Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) Network of Local Governments (PNLG) Forum. "Many challenges are faced in the management of coastal areas. However, many opportunities can also be seized (from coastal management) for environmental sustainability, welfare of the surrounding community, marine life, MSMEs, as well as local and national economic growth," Iskandar remarked at the forum held on Wednesday (Oct 26). Iskandar emphasized that implementing the principles of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) in coastal areas not only pertained to technicality on how to do it but also about environmental sustainability. Moreover, the district head pressed for the need for strong leadership for implementing ICM to realize improved and environmentally sustainable coastal areas. Hence, Iskandar shared some of his insights on sustainably managing coastal areas at the forum. First, he emphasized that the implementation of principles of ICM should remain the top priority in managing coastal areas. "Starting from the commitment to the ICM program, in particular, we should do it step by step," Iskandar, who is concurrently the vice president of PNLG, stated. Second, he highlighted that the management of coastal areas should be conducted in stages and through a strong commitment to what has been developed. Third, for conducting proper coastal management, Iskandar laid emphasis on the need to establish communication with all parties, including the provincial and central governments. "It is because integrated coastal management cannot be conducted individually," he stated. "During that period (of ICM implementation), we must be more active in communicating with all ministries and important sectors that support our program," he remarked. Fourth, Iskandar also emphasized the importance of public-private partnership in conducting integrated coastal management. "The management of coastal areas, such as Ketapang Village, cannot be done alone. Support from the provincial government, central government, and the private sector is needed," he explained. Fifth, he said the implementation of integrated coastal management also needed support from the local community. "The most important aspect is that the community needs to support it, and the community must be involved," he concluded.