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Thu, 05/11/2023 - 20:53
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European Official: We Support Iraq And Help Citizens With The Spirit Of One Team

Baghdad / NINA / - The European Union mission to Iraq confirmed that European countries and the European team provide support in the spirit of one team and provide that assistance to Iraq and its citizens in general.


 The official of the Department of International Cooperation and Development, Barbara Iger, said, during the activities of the "Tawfiq Initiative" launched by the Europe Team for Iraq, today, Wednesday, in Baghdad, "After two years of cooperation by multiple countries, we are pleased today to launch the Tawfiq initiative, and through the difficulties that we went through during Coronavirus pandemic taught us a great lesson in the European Union, and we also learned that we must work more efficiently and objectively, and work in a team spirit.


She explained, "The European team dealt with the pandemic in the spirit of one team, just as we stood united, and Iraq must apply this theory in the matter of cooperation and dealing in a spirit of one team to face the economic difficulties of the 21st century."


She added, "The European Union, with Tawfiq initiative, renews the team spirit between the" EU and Europe Team"to support Iraq and help it succeed more and better, obtain much better results, create new job opportunities, transform the Iraqi economy into greater success, and help the private sector more widely in this field."  


The European official stressed, "There are great challenges facing us with this project, and they certainly require solidarity and cooperation between all concerned parties, including the local government and civil society organizations together, and the private sector as well," indicating that "this transformation cannot be achieved without having an integrated future vision and cooperating with some of all stakeholders in the private sector and civil society.


 She added, "We, in the Tawfiq initiative, have 19 actual projects that are now working on the ground, and the initiative is working on professionalism and full interaction for all parties in this field, and this also applies to government and other concerned parties."


She went on to say, "The countries currently in Iraq or in the international coalition are seeking in the near future to attend and also work to support Iraq through the Tawfiq initiative or through other initiatives, in order to transfer the Iraqi economy into a successful experience and more support for the private sector." This certainly aims to help young people find successful job opportunities.”


 She confirmed, "These partners from the private sector and civil society organizations have ongoing discussions about how we can work in a team spirit, in order to achieve our ultimate goal and positive results in order to help Iraq."/ End