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Wed, 04/26/2017 - 07:19
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3,990 Local, Foreign Students To Participate In Al-Qur'an Olympiad: Official

BANDUNG, W Java, April 25 (Antara) - A total of 3,990 school students, including from Malaysia and Thailand, will participate in the international Olympiad of Al-Qur'an, Art and Technology to be held here on April 26-27. "God willing, around six thousand people will attend the opening ceremony of the third international Olympiad of Al-Qur'an, Art and Technology," Iwan Kurniawan, principal of the Bandung 7th Muhammadiyah primary school, stated here on Tuesday. According to Kurniawan, implementation of the Al-Qur'an International Olympiad is aimed at further introducing the Al-Qur'an to the children. "The goal is that the Al-Qur'an is expected to serve as a guide for children and those going to school since the Qur'an is not separate from art and technology, and the Qur'an must be understood and be close to the children," he stated. The competitions to be held in this Olympiad including the Musabaqoh Tilawah Al-Qur'an, Musabaqoh Tartil Al-Qur'an, Musabaqoh Hifzhil Al-Qur'an, Musabaqoh Calligraphy Al-Qur'an, Adzan Competition, Islamic songs, Robotics, and Technological innovation. Additionally, the Olympiad organizing committee will organize speech contests in Arabic and English.