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Thu, 05/16/2019 - 07:00
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Al-Sudais Denounces Attack Over Aramco's Pumping Stations

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The President of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais, has denounced the attack over two oil pumping stations of Aramco oil and gas company in Dawadmi and Afif Provinces, Riyadh. Al-Sudais’ statement of condemnation was informed by the President of the Islamic Communication Center of Saudi Arabia, Faheem H. Alhamid via a short message service received here on Wednesday. In the statement, Sheikh Al-Sudais stressed that attacks on oil pumping and public facilities were the acts of terror which were not justifiable in Islamic law. According to him, the heinous attacks and acts of terror carried out by the corrupt group were merely a failed attempt to undermine the security grace achieved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a futile attempt to destroy its resources. The attack was also seen as a maneuver of malicious hands against the land, and it was carried out by those who lost and deviated. “The timing of the miserable attack in the holy month of Ramadhan, the month of good and blessing, the month of fasting and performance of night prayers, the month of the Holy Quran, the month of submissiveness, is a clear indication of the misguided and misleading approach of this group which does not take into account the sanctity of time, rights and interests and flouts Islam,” Al-Sudais said. He added that Allah Almighty says: "And cause not corruption upon the earth after its reformation." They disregard the sacred and international covenants and conventions that criminalize such acts." He also expressed high appreciation for officers who acted swiftly and swiftly in safeguarding the security of the country and all people, as well as maintaining religious concerns from anyone who intended to disrupt Saudi security and stability. Earlier the Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia, Khalid A. Al-Falih stated that two oil pumping stations in the East-West pipeline had been attacked by armed drones on May 14, 2019 between 06.00 and 6:30 a.m. The attack caused a fire and minor damage to Pumping Station Number 8. The pipeline transports Saudi oil from the Eastern Province to Yanbu port. Aramco has taken measures to stop the operation of the pipeline for a while. Minister Al-Falih stressed that the Kingdom condemned the attack. He emphasized that the acts of terrorism and sabotage in the Arabian Gulf not only targeted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also the security of world oil supply and the global economy. The minister stressed that the attack did not affect Saudi's oil production.