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Mon, 01/17/2022 - 11:30
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Indonesia new capital to be named Nusantara: Minister

Jakarta, January 17 (ANTARA) - Minister of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency Head Suharso Monoarfa revealed that President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had decided to name the new national capital as Nusantara. "President Jokowi confirmed to me on Friday (Jan 14) that the new national capital will be named Nusantara," Monoarfa remarked at a meeting session with the parliamentary working committee for the National Capital Bill in the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, on Monday. The minister noted that Nusantara, an Old Javanese word meaning "outer islands" and currently a synonym widely deployed for the Indonesian archipelago, has been used since past generations and renowned among members of the global community as part of the Indonesian identity. The Nusantara name, apart from being emblematic of the Indonesian national outlook, is also easy to remember for Indonesians, who frequently use the word during their daily interactions, he added. "I believe everyone will agree on the Nusantara name," the minister stated. Meanwhile, member of the parliamentary committee, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, reminded that more deliberation was necessary to define and elucidate the meaning of the name Nusantara for the new national capital. The elucidation is necessary to clarify the new name of the capital in the National Capital Bill, he remarked, adding that the working committee had understood the rationale behind the proposed name and agreed to name the new capital as Nusantara. "I also urge the government to further elucidate article 1 (of the National Capital Bill) to prevent it from having multiple interpretations. I understand that the 'national capital' will be its status but 'Nusantara' will be its name," Kurnia stated.