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Mon, 01/14/2013 - 13:50
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Jamaica Bol Guava Harvest In Mekarsari

Bogor, Jan 14 (ANTARA) - Harman bol guava, popularly known as Jamaica bol guava, can be enjoyed by everyone who visits Mekarsari Tourism Park, Bogor District, West Java, throughout January. "This month, Mekarsari is harvesting Jamaica bol guava, one of our best fruits," said the public relations officer of Mekarsari Park, Putri Ayu Pratami, in Cullinan on Sunday. Putri noted that bol guava originates in the plains of West Java and is found in Cianjur. The fruit is large and soft. Mekarsari has a Jamaica bol guava plantation area of 3�4 hectares that can produce up to 2.5 tonnes of fruit per harvest. "This month, we have made three harvests," she said. Jamaica bol guava is harvested from January 8�27. The price of Jamaica bol guava is Rp20�25 thousand per kilogram. "Visitors who choose the Greenland package can buy and taste directly from the garden. After Jamaica bol guava season, Mekarsari will harvest durian, but the volume of durian harvested is not very high because of the weather. "We should now have a durian harvest, but it�s not much. As a result of rain and wind, the durian flowers fall," she explained. She pointed out that there are 30 varieties of durian in Mekarsari, such as the matahari, sukarno, leimas, and ajima. Durian harvests have attracted many visitors. In a day, Mekarsari`s durian outlet can sell more than 100 durian seeds. "If the visitors buy from here, the quality and taste [of the fruit] is guaranteed. [There are] many varieties here at affordable prices," stated Dede, a visitor at the event.