Putin: Russia Ready to Expand Work on Supply of Fertilizers to World Markets

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MOSCOW, November 23 (Sputnik) - Russia is ready to expand work on supplying fertilizers to global markets, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

"I know that the work is underway, the work is going quite well, despite the artificial obstacles created by some countries. Only world markets suffer from this, as I understand it. We are ready to expand this work with all partners without any exception," Putin said at a meeting with Dmitry Mazepin, the head of Uralchem, one of Russia's largest producers of mineral fertilizers.

The leader slammed the blockage of fertilizers' supplies to countries in need — which Russia was ready to provide for free — as unacceptable.

Additionally, Putin approved Mazepin's idea entailing that the UN and the African Union will unblock about 260,000 tonnes of fertilizers, which the company is ready to supply free of charge.

Earlier this month, Moscow stated that up to 280,000 metric tons of Russian mineral fertilizers remain arrested in European ports due to sanctions imposed by the West after the start of Russian military op in Ukraine. The flow of Russian goods - namely, food and fertilizers - was assured by the UN-brokered grain deal. However, Moscow repeatedly noted that the sanctions continue hindering Russia's exports, which goes against the agreement.

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