Gunman Killed After Shooting Highway Police Officer

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Fri, 09/08/2023 - 07:34

Gunman Killed After Shooting Highway Police Officer

KANCHANABURI, Sept 8 (TNA) – The gunman who shot dead a highway police officer at a house of the sub-district chief in Nakhon Pathom has been killed in a gunfight with the police in Kanchanaburi.

Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) officers tracked down the suspect, also known as Nong, a henchman of Kamnan Nok, a sub-district chief in Nakhon Pathom.

He had fired multiple shots at Pol. Maj. Sivakorn Saibua chief of the Highway Police Station 1 under the Highway Police Sub-Division2, resulting in his fatality. Meanwhile, Pol. Lt. Col. Wasin Punpee, deputy commander of the Highway Police Sub-Division 2 was also shot by the gunman and severely injured.

The incident occrred at the house of the Kamnan Nok, who invited police officers to have a dinner on Sept 6. During informal talks, tensions arose when the Kamnan attempted to persuade Pol.Maj. Sivakorn to promote a police officer under his supervision. The request was denied, as Pol. Maj. Sivakorn insisted on following the rules and regulations. This rejection led to a heated argument, and the Kamnan abruptly left the dining table in anger. Shortly afterward, the gunman approached the table where the police officers were seated and opened fire.

As of today at about 05:45 AM, CIB officers pursued the suspect who was wanted for arrest and was armed. He was seen at an alley behind the Phrataendongrang Temple in Tha Ruea District, Kanchanaburi Province, as he attempted to evade capture leading to a clash with police officers. He was killed in the gunfight. (TNA)