Iraqi Newspapers Issued In Baghdad Today

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Sun, 07/16/2023 - 10:15

Iraqi Newspapers Issued In Baghdad Today

Baghdad / NINA /- The newspapers issued today, Sunday, July 16, focused on the visit of the Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, to Al-Muthanna governorate, and his affirmation of the government's seriousness in activating the investment sector, and the possibility of submitting other appeals from the government with the budget.

Al-Zawraa newspaper, published by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, quoted the Prime Minister, Muhammad al-Sudani, as confirming the government's seriousness in activating the investment sector and reaching real partnership with the private sector.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Media Office stated: "The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, inaugurated the new building of the Muthanna Governorate Investment Authority, during his current visit to the governorate, which he arrived yesterday morning to follow up on its service conditions, and the opening of a number of completed projects in it."

The statement added that "the prime minister toured the building, and was briefed on the details of its work, and he also met a number of investors in the presence of the governor of Al-Muthanna and the head of the governorate's investment commission, and listened to their proposals and obstacles to their work and directed to follow up on addressing them."

The Prime Minister stressed "the government's seriousness in activating the investment sector, and reaching true partnership with the private sector," noting that "Iraq's possession of various natural resources enables it to achieve a leap in various sectors."

He referred to "the government's effort to remove problems and obstacles facing the investment sector, and work to make it an attractive environment for internal and external investments, in a way that helps develop the economy and contributes to enhancing the domestic product."

The newspaper stated that the Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, inaugurated Al-Watania plant for the production of high-quality oxidized asphalt, in Al-Muthanna Governorate.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Media Office stated, "The Prime Minister supervised the electronic operation of the plant, and listened to a detailed explanation of the work of its units, and its production capacity, which reaches 200 tons per day."

The Prime Minister appreciated “the efforts of the engineering cadres and workers in the local company building the factory, which is one of the important projects in Iraq in general, and al-Muthanna Governorate in particular, and constitutes an important addition to the investment sector in it.”

Al-Sudani stressed that “Al-Muthanna Governorate possesses many elements to be an effective governorate at the level of national industry and investment, which would improve its economic situation and provide job opportunities for its people, in a way that helps improve their living conditions.”

The statement continued, “The high-quality oxidized asphalt plant is located in Sharakiyah area near Samawah refinery, and it adopts the advanced polymer system, which is used for the first time in the base of asphalt factories within the governorate, and there are future plans to add new units to increase the plant’s productivity for various oil derivatives, which will contribute to supporting the oil industry in the governorate. The factory is managed with a modern system, and its production capacity exceeds 2,000 tons per day of oxidized asphalt of various types, including asphalt 40/50, which is used for coating highways, as well as internal roads. The factory also produces oxidized asphalt 60/70, which is used for export.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, directed that youth and sports talents be embraced and developed.

The media office of the Prime Minister stated that "Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani inaugurated in the city of Samawah Al-Zahra Model Forum of the Directorate of Youth and Sports of Al-Muthanna Governorate, in the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Governor of Al-Muthanna."

The statement added that "the prime minister toured the pavilions of the forum, and was briefed on the nature of the equipment and supplies allocated to it, as well as the pavilion of (Riyada) initiative for development and employment, which will host, today, Sunday, trainings for young applicants on the electronic platform of the initiative."

The Prime Minister directed "to give the required care for the needs and interests of young people, to embrace and develop youth and sports talents, by providing the required atmosphere and requirements, and to cooperate with the relevant institutions in this regard," stressing "the government's keenness to develop the infrastructure for youth and sports activities, and to put it as youth support issue and its priorities and development programs.

The statement continued, "The Zahra Model Forum was built on an area of 15,000 square meters, and includes special halls for various youth activities, cultural, artistic and scientific, in addition to sports halls, small playgrounds, swimming pools, and training centers."

The Prime Minister also paid a visit to Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in the city of Samawah, as part of his visit to Al-Muthanna Governorate, which he arrived yesterday.

During a surprise visit, he was briefed on the service reality of the hospital, its facilities and wards, and the level of medical and treatment services and health care it provides to the citizens of the governorate.

Al-Sudani also met a number of the hospital's patients, listened to their complaints, and inquired about their acceptance and satisfaction with the level of services provided by the hospital.

The Prime Minister directed work to change the reality of the hospital so that it is fit to provide the required service, stressing that the health and service situation in the governorate will be subject to personal follow-up from him.

Al-Sudani stressed that the health sector comes at the top of the government's priorities, and it is a credibility for the efficiency of services provided to citizens and the first criterion for its evaluation, pointing to the continuation of care and development in this important aspect.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the health sector is suffering because of the previous setbacks that have accumulated in it.

The media office of the Prime Minister said, in a statement, that “Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani chaired a meeting of heads and officials of service departments in Muthanna Governorate,” noting that “Al-Sudani was briefed on the overall service projects and the performance of departments that are directly linked to citizens.

At the outset of the meeting, the Prime Minister affirmed: “These field visits aim to review the reality of service provision, the performance of various institutions, and evaluate performance according to what has been achieved, and what the citizen actually receives from the service,” stressing “assigning specialized committees to follow up the directives and observations, in order to achieve the desired goal.”

He directed, after his visit to Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital, to “double care in the health sector, as it is not possible to delay in providing treatment services to citizens,” noting that “the health sector suffers due to previous setbacks that have accumulated in it, and the governor must arrange his priorities according to the needs of citizens, which is what the government drew in its program and according to its five priorities, of which the health sector came at the fore.

He stressed that he will give the governor and the official the powers they need in order to advance the health situation.”

Al-Sudani stressed the importance of conducting a careful review of defects, shortcomings and delays, in conjunction with appreciating any distinguished effort that seeks to provide services to citizens and meet their requirements and aspirations.

Al-Sabah newspaper dealt with the government's appeals to the 2023 budget.

It said that the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives suggested that the government would file another appeal against the 2023 budget.

It quoted committee member Muhammad Nuri as saying: “The government filed a lawsuit with the Federal Court, as the appeal included paragraphs within 12 legal articles in the budget, namely Articles 2, 16, 20, 28, 62, 63, 65, 70, 71, 72 and 75, which relate to contracts, appointments, compensation and salary deductions.” Pointing out that "the government’s argument confirmed that “the budget law published in the official newspaper included the inclusion of a number of articles that were not included in the draft law submitted by the government to Parliament, in addition to the fact that the additions and amendments to the budget items have a financial side and are inconsistent with the government program.” .

Nuri added, "This was the first batch of appeals, and we expect that there will be other appeals by the government for a set of other paragraphs that have been added," indicating that his committee "is awaiting instructions for implementing the budget, after issuing a state order with a group of paragraphs from the Federal Court to stop the implementation of these articles"

Regarding past appeals to the budget, the MP explained that it “will affect the budget in a specific way and not in all aspects, but the most prominent is what is related to contracts and additions.

Al-Zaman newspaper followed the repercussions of water scarcity and said that the Water Directorate of Dhi Qar Governorate had launched an appeal because 80 % of the drinking water projects in the governorate had stopped.

The director of the department, Ahmed Aziz, said in a statement that (80 % of the drinking water projects in the governorate have stopped due to the unprecedented drop in river water levels and streams feeding water stations and projects), stressing that (this crisis requires the intervention of the local government, MPs of the governorate in Parliament and civil society organizations in urgent way, to find a quick solution to this problem).

In Erbil, Governor Omid Khoshnaw announced the allocation of an emergency amount to address water scarcity in the province.
He said in a statement yesterday that (the governorate is experiencing water scarcity, especially in the summer, as areas in Erbil suffer from a water crisis).

He added that (the plans and projects of the government and its concerned departments are crystallized by digging new wells and implementing projects to provide drinking water to citizens), stressing that (the Kurdistan Regional Government has allocated an amount of 6 billion to address water scarcity problems, and it will be spent in three phases during the months of July, August and September, to overcome the crisis),

He pointed out that (the ideal solution is to benefit from surface water, through the implementation and completion of strategic projects), and he went on to say that (during my visit a few days ago to Saudi Arabia, there was serious discussion about solutions to the water crisis and benefiting from the experiences of leading companies in this regard, as well as benefiting from the Saudi Loan Fund).

He indicated that he (found a response, and the Saudi side is interested in the situation of Iraq and Kurdistan, and we will hold other meetings with them soon), and went on to say that (the regional government has started a project to build a main street in the new Erbil region at a cost of 107 million dinars as a first stage, as this street will connect New Erbil to the region Cyberdan./End