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Thu, 05/25/2023 - 13:10
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MFP: Senators Give Positive Signs for Pita

BANGKOK, May 25 (TNA) – The Move Forward Party gets positive signs from senators as many agree to vote for the MFP leader Pita Limcharoenrat as a new prime minister, said deputy party leader Sirikanya Tansakul.

Sirikanya said in a press conference on Thursday that after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form an eight –party coalition government, the MFP saw positive signs from coalition parties and senators.

MFP continues to negotiate with each senator in person and is confident that Pita will receive enough votes to take the prime minister post. So far, about 16-20 senators pledged to support Pita, she said.

If the Election Commission certifies the election results quickly, the formation of the new government could be completed in two weeks.

Asked about a possibility that Pheu Thai may withdraw from the coalition plan if the party does not get the House Speaker position, she said Pheu Thai knew that people gave hope to prospective coalition parties to form the new government.

After several talks and the MoU signing, she is confident that Pheu Thai will not walk away from a coalition even though it does not get House speakership.

MFP confirmed it was necessary to assume the House Speaker’s role to push for the charter change. House Speaker, leader of legislative branch has an important role, overseeing House meeting and its agenda. (TNA)