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Wed, 05/10/2023 - 16:15
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Ministry Of Planning: Iraq Signed Agreements With The EU Worth More Than 170 Million Euros

 Baghdad / NINA / - The Ministry of Planning revealed a package of agreements signed with the European Union, worth more than 170 million euros.


The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, Maher Johan, said, during the activities of the "Tawfiq Initiative" launched by the Europe Team for Iraq, today, Wednesday, in the capital, Baghdad, that "this initiative reflects the depth of partnership with the European Union and representatives of the international community in Iraq and an affirmation of this close relationship provided by these agencies, especially from the European Union.


He added, "The Ministry of Planning signed 3 agreements during the years 2022-2021 on behalf of the Iraqi government with a value of 50 million euros, and another financing of 46 million euros, and we also signed an organization agreement with the European Union in 2022 with a financing framework of 75 million euros to support sustainable solutions."


He went on to say, "We are working in great partnership with the European Union and the countries under this partnership to support key sectors in agriculture, sustainable solutions, the financial and banking sector, and public services."


He explained, "We worked in the last stage, under the guidance of the Prime Minister's Office and with the assistance of advisors and sectoral ministries, in a great effort to harmonize the international support that is being provided and will be provided, with the government program and the ministerial approach presented by the Prime Minister, including the basic axes that lead to evaluation and reform." He added, "The Tawfiq initiative goes on to emphasize an important point related to economic diversification and containing the labor market and unemployment in the Iraqi street, according to the measurements and readings shown by our statistical surveys."


He added, "This initiative will go on to cover a large part of the work with a solid international group in the European Union, to conduct surveys on small, medium and large enterprises, and sovereign projects that are trying to see the light and focus on the main problems they suffer from by accessing financing according to a modern banking system, through encouraging entrepreneurship, containing ideas and creativity, and improving the business environment that the country suffers from.


The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning affirmed, "This initiative, sponsored by the European Union and the group of six countries, proceeds with us with existing projects and financing future projects for a basic path, which is a major direction for one of the Prime Minister's directions in the next stage, and taking care and containing the pioneering situation of youth and their need to be partners in building bridges of development and non-dependence, and not relying on typical mechanisms for employment, which are no longer able to contain the huge amount as a result of population growth./ End