Police Officer Shot Dead, Allegedly Over Denied Promotion Request

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Thu, 09/07/2023 - 12:34

Police Officer Shot Dead, Allegedly Over Denied Promotion Request

NAKHON PATHOM, Sept 7 (TNA) – The police are hunting for a gunman who shot dead a highway police officer and injured another.  

It is believed that the motive behind the shooting was a dispute over a denied request for a job transfer within the police force.

The incident occurred when a sub-district chief or Kamman invited a group of highway police officers for a dinner and informal discussion at his house in Nakhon Pathom. The invitation was extended under the pretext of fostering better relations since they worked in the same area.

However, tensions arose when the Kamnan attempted to persuade Pol.Maj. Sivakorn Saibua to promote a police officer under his supervision. The request was denied, as Pol. Maj. Sivakorn insisted on following the rules and regulations, based on the performance of police personnel.

This rejection led to a heated argument, and the Kamnan abruptly left the dining table in anger.

Shortly afterward, the gunman approached the table where the police officers were seated and opened fire on them before fleeing the scene.

Pol. Maj. Sivakorn was shot several times and succumbed to injuries. The Kamnan disappeared after the incident.

The police have deployed armed personnel to the area to track down the alleged shooter, known by the nickname “Nong.”

Given Nong’s history of involvement in violent crimes, including attempted murder, firearm-related offenses, and property damage, he is considered a dangerous person.

The police have declared their determination to swiftly bring those responsible to justice and hold them accountable for this tragic incident.

Any potential connection between the Kamnan and the attack will not be overlooked, and legal action will be taken accordingly. (TNA)